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A scientific and technological based company designed to recreate cities of the past so that they can be visited through Virtual and Augmented Reality devices, and offer them to broad audiences as educational experiences.


Præteritas Urbes is a company that focuses on historical research of Mesoamerican cultures and key events in colonial Latin America.

We are specialize in transcription and translation of historical documents to English, Spanish and indigenous languages, giving you access to a wealth of knowledge.


Augmented Reality as a tool for explore beyond our perception.

Enrich your learning with our dynamic seminars and workshops designed for educators and students alike, where we passionately share our digital media research and projects. Join us to explore history in a totally new and captivating way.


Virtual Reality allows us to enjoy an immersive 360º experience.

Additionally, we offer unparalleled educational experiences by delivering virtual recreations of historical events, architecture, monuments and artifacts through cutting-edge digital media.


Digitally Documenting the Past

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3D Architecture

Creation of realistic and detailed digital models

AR & VR Projects

Interact in real-time to provide an immersive and realistic experience

Training & Digital Skills

Developing and honing digital skills becomes more essential in personal and professional life

Document Translation

Academic papers, codices or any kind of historical document related with America

Cultural Heritage Dissemination

Preserving and transmitting cultural knowledge and heritage for future generations

Museums & Exhibitions

Designed to provide visitors with a meaningful experience, combining educational information, aesthetics, and storytelling elements

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Our vision

A blast from the past

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Team Members


Dr. John F. Chuchiak IV

Director of the Honors College

Distinguished Professor of Colonial Latin American History, Director of the Honors College, Director of the Latin American, Caribbean, and Hispanic Studies program at Missouri State University. A corresponding member of both the Mexican Academy of History and the Guatemalan Academy of Geography and History he is a specialist on colonial Latin American history with a research emphasis on the ethnohistory of the Maya culture, the history of the colonial church in Mexico with a special emphasis on the history of the Holy Office of the Inquisition in New Spain. He is also a founding partner of Præteritas Urbes, LLC.

Antonio Rodríguez Alcalá

Architect Ph.D.

Architect and Master of Architecture from the Autonomous University of Yucatán. Ph.D. in Architecture with Honorable Mention in 2012 by the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). He specializes in the physical and virtual reconstruction of built cultural heritage and since 2019 is a founding partner of Præteritas Urbes, LLC.

Hans Erickson

3D Graphics Generalist

Computer 3D Graphics Generalist and presently earning his Master of Science Degree in Digital Cultural Humanities at Missouri State University having graduated with a BFA degree in Animation. He is specializing in recreating history through the art of Animation, Game Engines, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Pierlorenzo Vittorio Ballicu

Architectural Student

Pierlorenzo is an Architect. In his experience, he has been an exhibitor in international events such as ICOMOS Chile in historical studies and 3D Antigua Guatemala reconstruction (2019). Architecture is one of his passions with war history, preservation and modernization of knowledge; finding new ways to bring at the wild audience’s information. Now is working in various Investigations programs and his finals in the Faculty and is a former member of Præteritas Urbes, LLC.

Osmín Isidro de la Maza

Architect & Engineer

Architect, Engineer and Restorer. CEO of Grupo de la Maza and Director of Patronato de La Antigua. PhD in Architecture, Building, Urban Planning and Landscape from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, and PhD in History from the Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala. Responsible for important design projects and restoration of heritage buildings in Central America. Professor at various universities, editorial advisor in specialized magazines and his work has been repeatedly awarded by prestigious institutions in Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, México, United States of America, Japan, France and Italy.

Karla I. Gómez Echeverría


Architect and Master degree in conservation of architectural heritage from Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Courses and subjects in the postgraduate Master’s Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She specializes in Military architecture on the Yucatecan coasty , development and execution of intervention and conservation projects in the historic center of Merida Yucatán, use of planimetric and digital modeling technologies, architectural surveys.

Breadan Evan-Malcolm Henry


A self-professed lover of knowledge, Breadan is always looking for something new to learn. His lifelong goal is to use these skills to make a difference that matters. Ways to create different buildings for multiple purposes, what the particular spaces inside could be used for, looking at how they’d been used, and what has influenced that development—these processes overwhelm Breadan’s thoughts without once feeling like work. Exploring new worlds and all they contain are what fascinate him about these exercises.

Maria Felicia Rega


Doctor in Archaeology specialized in Ancient Topography and research in the Mesoamerican area, particularly in the Mayan Lowlands. She has collaborated with an excavation project in the city of Uaxactún, in Petén, northern Guatemala, led by Prof. Milan Kováč, from the Comenius University of Bratislava. Since 2021 she has specialized in the use of new technologies applied to cultural heritage, particularly in the use of 3D modelling, photogrammetry, and virtualization, also publishing articles as co-author on this topic and presenting at conferences.

Zoraida Raimúndez Ares


Historian and Master in History and Anthropology of America from University Complutense of Madrid. Specialist in Heritage Virtualization from the University of Alicante. She has a Ph.D. in Mesoamerican Studies from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and in History and Archaeology from the University Complutense of Madrid. She specializes in Maya culture, in particular Yucatec Maya colonial documents. She has also worked with virtual reconstruction and preservation of archaeological and historical patrimony.

Cristina Bosque Cantón


Doctor in Mesoamerican Studies, her research focuses on Mesoamerican codices and Mexican viceregal history through the lens of Ethnohistory. She has been involved in research projects supported by international funding, specifically on New Spain cartography and the archaeological city of Teotihuacan. Presently, she serves as a contributing researcher in the project “Living in the ruins of the city of Teotihuacan, Mexico,” funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation. Currently, she holds the position of Associate Professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid, within the Humanities: History, Geography, and Art Department.

María Soler Gómez

Historian & Graphic Designer

Historian and Master in History and Anthropology of America from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, focused in Maya culture. She is Project & Community Manager in Virtual Heritage and Museology at the Episcopal Palace of Segovia (Spain). She has worked as a Research Assistant at the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology of America at the Complutense University of Madrid as a holder scholarship at the Museum of America. As an entrepreneur in new technologies, she is also graphic and editorial designer and part of the National Association of History and Culture of the Sea (HyCMar), dedicated to the research and dissemination of maritime heritage.

Lisardo Pérez Lugones

Computer DBA & Historian

Computer DBA at a research center of the Spanish Department of Science, he is also Historian and Master in History and Anthropology of America from Complutense University of Madrid, focused in Aztec writing and Central Mexico codices. He has participated twice in the international program
“Google Summer of Code”, developing a prototype for visual recognition of Aztec glyphs through Machine Learning, plus several editions as the “Kislak Workshop” at the US Library of Congress, and “Sign and Symbol in Comparative Perspective” at the University of Warsaw, discussing the process of visual encoding of human language and its manifestations.